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Want to keep your chickens for minimal cost? Ranging from a houseful of fowls to a gaggle of geese, building a large chicken coop is still a perfect solution to keep your fowls safe and sound. Commercially made coops are typically on the pricey side, so here i will discuss the top five methods to build a great chicken coop that will not drain your bank account.

Do it yourself - You could purchase pre-assembled kits or appoint a contracted worker to make a large chicken coop, nevertheless financially-astute fowl keepers tackle the job themselves. You'll find plans to match virtually every coop size and financial budget. Search for plans on the net or in bird-keeping publications.

Recycled and Used Materials - As opposed to shopping at the local home improvement store for brand spanking new supplies for your large chicken house, use recycled materials. Wood and metal-wire scraps from long-finished home and backyard projects may be incorporated into the coop design. Don't limit the usage of used supplies to the hen house itself. Become very creative with chicken house equipment, as well. Utilize flowering pots for nests or vinyl leftovers to cover nesting boxes or flooring.

Enlist Mother Nature - Save on both heating and cooling costs for the generously proportioned chicken coop by employing nature. As an example, plant big trees on the southern side of your chicken coop. Picking out varieties that shed their foliage in the winter, you can provide cool shady conditions over the summer season and much needed sunlight over the winter.

Make plans for the future - Perhaps you're the proud owner of twelve chickens, but how many will you possess in three or five years time? If you make a big chicken house, consider sticking to a coop design that allows you to easily enlarge its holding capacity. It happens to be correct that this may cost a bit more money upfront, but it can save you big bucks down the road whenever you decide to include more hens to the existing flock.

Portable is Smart - Irrespective of whether the flock of chickens needs a spot more shade or a juicy patch of grass, you may be searching for a large chicken house that can be positioned anywhere you want it to. Despite the fact that wheels are fine for moving a small-sized chicken coop, a larger chicken coop should be on skids. At the time when it's time to move the coop out to another part of the property, just attach it on to a tractor or driving mower and pull it to the new location.

A big chicken house should not put you into the financial doldrums. From using recycled construction supplies to clever building placement, a little planning can enable you to make savings on expenditure without sacrificing quality.

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Large Chicken Coop Construction

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This article was published on 2011/03/31